A number of corporate groups have established Bloomfield Mineral Resources Limited as one of the fastest growing small scale, independent, indigenous Gold exporter by proven standards in Ghana and the Company’s objective is to continue to increase export capability and develop its structure as a world-class exporter of gold bars and nuggets.

As a low-cost gold producer previously focused on the marketing of pure unrefined gold, we recently expanded our operations within Ghana, thus bringing our operations to include gold mining and mine development. Focused on building a solid, successful, mid-tier gold mining and production company.

For now our very primary focus is to market the gold we mine in order to increase the production capacity of our concession. Based on this we adhere to strict, fair and transparent transactions with respect to the sale of the products we offer for sale. Also our proven track record has afforded us the opportunity to market products of other small-scale miners within the sub-region.

The company has realized that there are tremendous benefits in, marrying the international investor to the peaceful country of Ghana, its people and its mineral wealth. Bloomfield Mineral Resources Limited also values its role and responsibility to treat not only the natural resources Ghana has, but also every person, with the utmost respect in all aspects of its business dealings.

Our vision is to fashion a long-term, profitable business with healthy margins using a disciplined and responsible approach to growth. We combine our technical expertise with financial discipline to grow our resources and develop our assets, increase production levels and identify new opportunities. In doing this, we create and deliver value for all our clientele and would-be stakeholders.

We are here to create added value to already existing services in the mining industry by forging technical relationships with existing and prospective clients. Driving forward with the knowledge of international mining practices, we aim to be the best in our field, seeing opportunities where others see none.

Our Services

  • Supply of Gold Dore Bars
  • Gold Assaying
  • Refining & Smelting Services